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New Orleans - Mardi Gras 1992-3-4

Getting invited to a masked ball held in the Quadroon Ballroom of the Bourbon Hotel during Mardi Gras was a fantasy come true for both of us.  Each year the theme of the Ball changed. In 1992 it was a "Venetian Carnival Ball." In 1993 it was "The Lost Empire." In 1994 it was "The Divine Comedy." Our costumes were worked on at home and finishing touches were completed in New Orleans. The Muse designed and sewed all her costumes and masks. Making the costumes, taking part in decorating the ballroom and hanging out with the people that produced this event was a treat. Shopping for the materials to make the costumes, decorations and parades was all part of the event itself. The themes of each ball were different and the costumes we created matched the ball’s theme. The city was alive for Mardi Gras and the walk to the Grand Ballroom in costume was a parade in itself. People cheered us along the route and we reciprocated -- good times were had by all.

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