I have been painting since childhood and am self taught, working in oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, pen and ink and graphite.  Art was a weekend hobby and I gave away paintings as gifts to family and friends. Crafting model airplanes and boats was also a favorite pastime.


As retirement approached I decided to pursue an active artist’s life. I started sculpting as I was attending courses at the Art Students League in New York City where I am a lifetime member and a Fellow member of The American Artists Professional League. 


I concentrated on learning the structure of the human anatomy; courses in ecorche (flaying of the skin from the bones and inner deep muscles to the outer muscles), anatomy drawing and stone carving were my focus and sculpting the human figure in motion was my primary goal. I carve in stone and model in clay and wax, and several of my pieces have been bronzed.

Traditional realism is the main genre of my paintings and my subjects vary from the sensuous female nude to rural and architectural landscapes, with many abstract expressionist and impressionistic pieces included. Fashion photographer Helmut Newton’s sensuous female nude photos inspired my photo set-ups and many poses were used in my sculpture creations. Peter Paul Rubens’ master works make a big impact on my style when I envision poses involving the female anatomy.


Despite the same physical anatomy (bones and muscles), each one of us is a different character study and working with different models with different physical attributes (weight, height, etc.) is a challenge. In creating my poses sometimes I would use different body parts from each of the  models. When the body flexes or contracts each model’s physical characteristics alter the character and gesture of the pose. Combining the naked nymph with mythological creatures and gargoyles was inspired by A. Rodin’s “Gates of Hell,” Peter Paul Rubens’ , “Dante’s Inferno” and many other masters.